Welcome to Balaji Resort

Balaji Resort is located in the lap of nature, near a village surrounded by the vast oceans of desert. It provides excellent colorful rural life, pollution free environment, nature’ view at its best, cultural programs such as dare-devil fire dance, and astonishing Sunset point with delicious Rajasthani cuisines.


We serve all kinds of Traditional Dishes like Rajasthani, and Mughlai. Besides, we also serve Continental, and Chinese cuisine (Veg & Non-Veg.). Balaji Resort is renowned for traditional Rajasthani meals like Bajre ka Khichra, Bajre ki Roti, Shakar, Cow Ghee, Kadhi etc. Traditional food use to prepare with traditional manner on Chullah, with fire wood….

Fire Dance

A dare devil, goose bumping dance on burning fire by tribal, who are said to have been blessed by God that they would not be burnt by fire. Balaji Resort is the only resort in Rajasthan, which organizes fire dance in its premises. Fire dance can be organized by advance booking.

Star Facilities

Balaji Resort is the only resort in Bikaner, which provides live Fire dance in its complex. In addition, interesting Camel Safari, shining Night outs in vast Sand Dunes and site-seeing of Vultures in JOR-BEED.

Unique Rural Huts

It is the one and only rural tourism resort in Bikaner and one of its kind in the state. These huts are made of local material of ancient design, which is sound proof, weather proof, and mosquito & insects free. The ethnic rural huts are known as ‘Jhonpa’. These huts are made of natural availability…

Jeep/camel safari

Camel Safari for a short period of 3 to 4 hours, overnight stay in sand dunes and Jeep safari for sightseeing of vultures.

Cultural Programs

You will see amusing cultural evenings here at Balaji Resort such as fire dance, rural folk dance (Kalbalia Dance), Camp fire etc on demand. These evenings are more amazing in the winters with bonfire and hot coffee being served. All these programs are organized on demand.


Balaji Resort is the one and only place in Bikaner, which provides wonderful space for camping for the tourists in the resort.